Behance is Friggin' Bitchin'


Since the summer I've been doing some contracts here and there and helping out in friends' projects (with a payment in the end of course) but on my off time I tried to do something I rarely do, draw and design what I want to do. Since my last job I rarely touched my drawing book. I rarely dabbled in anything that wasn't related to lame corporate shit that had to adhere to so many things, like dropping in thousands of paragraphs of copy so that some company doesn't get sued if anything bad happens to the patient or creating mindless kiss-ass caricature gifts for clients that are leaving to work in Shanghai or something where at some points "really needed to include a glass of lemonade in the picture because they really like lemonade".  (See Doogy's gif for thought reference)

Regardless, what can you say. I got paid for it and twas the nature of the beast but I still tried to occupy some pages of my drawing book (so i didn't forget how to draw) along the way with intentions on coming back to them down the road. But now, I can actually have a little more time to put something down and follow through with it!

Doodle I ended up inking a year later.

Doodle I ended up inking a year later.

With a little more time to utilize social networking, I got to electronically meet a number of cool and talented people. One of them understood my new freelance situation and mentioned I had to get out there with my work. One site he mentioned was Behance.

I've gotta tell ya, if you think sometimes "what a small world" think again. There are millions of creative people out there and they're a lot better at what you do then you think. Most sites I post work on are quite North American. This site is completely global. Jaw dropping talents from Brazil, Poland, Mexico to the Philippines. All over , you'll meet like-minded creatives who just love looking at projects working on them and displaying their own. It's all so insanely inspiring to just be part of this global village of creatives. Looking up award annuals is one thing but this is the raw talent that can get someone drawing in seconds. These are the creatives in the background that haven't had a chance for a big company to promote them by submitting their works to a big named awards show. The stuff that large companies aren't paying money to have someone say "you're the best this year!!... from the 5 projects we see in front of us"
Awards should be given out every day on this site because there's genius being displayed everyday.

...inspiring to just be part of this global village of creatives.

At any rate, in 1 month of being on there and I've garnered almost 3000 views of my work and have gotten to display my works to people who love looking at creative work and giving out great constructive criticism and compliments.

The really cool part of this site, on top of statistics of how many folks are viewing your work, complimenting it and looking up your profile, is that you can post WIPs (Work In Progress) projects. Followers or folks in your circle can give pointers or anything they want to hopefully have an amazing final product. Below is an example of my initial sketch and the final piece. It was a lot of fun hearing "Wow great start! Can't wait to see this through until the end!". It was like the best boss in the world that loved everything you did and just waited anxiously to see how you'd do. It kept me wanting to finish as soon as I could to see their reaction. Once you completed the project, you can publish it to your portfolio so that everyone can see it, share it and exploit the fact that you love doing what you're meant to do.


So swing by Behance and try to keep up. There is a lot to see and discover. (I sound like a license plate tag line)

Ok I'm ready to pass out bigtime now so night night!


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